Robson Square clinic, #820 - 777 Hornby St.

Keefer clinic, #205 - 180 Keefer St.

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Abdominal, Obstetrical, other

3D Ultrasound

NT Ultrasound

Nuchal translucency



UPPER GI Tract (U.G.I), S.B.F.T

Bone Mineral Density

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Make an Appointment

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X-RAY – walk-ins welcome, no need to book appointment for this examination.

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Services we offer

Services we offer

Keefer clinic:
Robson Square clinic:

We offer a vast array of medical diagnostic services in Vancouver BC at our clinics

Expert and caring team of radiologists, sonographers, X-Ray technologists and support staff will provide you with best services available.

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About us

About us

Established in 1980 in the heart of Vancouver, with a mission to provide the best medical diagnostic services to patients and family physicians.

Now after 30 years we are proud to be a state of the art complete digital medical diagnostic imaging centre that can offer the very best.